Newman’s Own

Total coincidence (or proof that we share a bond?!), but I looked up the late Paul Newman on IMDb today and found that it was his birthday! I love this man! One of my favorite actors of all time, for sure! Timeless.

I thought I’d share a little story of my one encounter with him…

Carnegie Hall, NYC. I don’t remember what year. Must’ve been maybe around 2002. I was turning pages for Joshua Bell’s recital (I had quite an illustrious career as a professional pageturner at one time). After the concert, I was returning some music to Josh in his dressing room. The backstage was flooded with people and I had gotten my traditional sweaty post-concert hug from him and I was ready to get out of there. I stepped into the elevator – the small one, not the one they use for moving pianos, etc – to find myself alone with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward! I just about passed out right there. Unassuming and elegant, having just paid their respects to the artists, they were on their way out also.
What do you say when you meet your heroes? It’s a terrible situation really. Say nothing and then kick yourself later, or risk embarrassment, or worse: annoying the hell out of them?
I followed them out a set of doors and then could not stand it any longer, “Excuse me? I’m sorry to bother you, but I’m such a big fan of yours…”
It was at this point that Mr. Newman, ever the elegant gentleman, reached out and touched my arm saying, “Thank you. Good job page turning.” His lovely wife smiled at me. We walked out of Carnegie Hall and parted ways.
I think I floated home that night. I will never forget that feeling. The night that Paul Newman recognized me…!


 (above) Paul & Joanne in their heyday… and (below) what they looked like that night (sans graduation garb)



20 Great Marathon Spectator Signs

I’ve made my share of fun signs – hell, it’s our duty as spectators! Ring your cowbells & spread the love. Here are a few to give you ideas. Haven’t worked out mine for the upcoming NYC Marathon in a few weeks…

My last one said, “Ian, YOUR BUTTOCKS ARE SUBLIME!” (Seinfeld, anyone?)

Happy Birthday Harrison

a little bit of his past comes back to haunt him in this JKL spoof:


star wars takes over the galaxy, one icon at a time

i love this:

(can you tell I’m on summer vacation?)

vintage josh

My favorite part? Has to be the violin belt buckle.

top 10 composers by an 8 year old

My sister sent me this, not knowing that I know both parents in this story and that I love and revere them both. 


For a full explanation of the letter click here.

Trip to Bricktown

I conjured up this trip to celebrate our first anniversary: a 33 mile bike ride up the Hudson River to a B&B in Haverstraw, NY – the historical center of brickmaking over a century ago. New York City was built from many of the bricks manufactured in this town.
The bike ride was pretty cool along parts.

I especially liked the Nyack Beach Bikeway path, rolling along the gravelly path with the water gently lapping at the shore. I even had a chipmunk join me for a bit! I could have done without the killer hill exiting the park – however. Did I mention that I had not undertaken such a bike journey since the Toughman Tri in Sept?

I have to recommend the Bricktown Inn. Not only is it lovely and comfortable, but the owners, Michelle & Joe were welcoming and conversational. Breakfast was delicious! Fresh fruit, complemented by fresh scones & preserves (I had 2, but could have had 5 more!) and a vegetable omelet. (Ok, I started the day with a couple of chocolate chip cookies we had taken up to our room she had baked the day before!)

Dinner was on the Hudson at Civile’s.  Honestly, we were still so stuffed with the grande burritos from Taco’s Marianita (ok, and the giant chocolate malted) at lunch that I don’t know how we managed to even think of eating.  But we did.  (And then I got an ice cream on the way home.)

We spent the remainder of the evening on the porch swing.  If I ever have a porch, I’d like to have a swing on it.

I’d reckon about a 3000 calorie day.  But we did bike our asses off there & back.

Happy Anniversary!